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Dear Colleague

April 29, 2009

Department of Labor Briefing on Workforce Investment Opportunities under the Recovery Act

Dear Republican Colleague:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) included funding for several workforce development programs administered by the Department of Labor.  I am writing to notify you about a briefing the Department of Labor will be holding to discuss workforce investment opportunities under the Recovery Act.  The briefing will review state Workforce Investment Allotments and include information on Local Workforce Investment Area funding for adults, youth and dislocated workers. 

This briefing will provide staff with a general overview of the key provisions related to workforce development that were included in the ARRA.  In addition, the Department of Labor will provide both a national perspective on workforce development efforts as well as state and local funding information.  Staff will have an opportunity to receive specific state and local funding allocation information.  Department of Labor officials will also provide information on the premium reductions and additional election opportunities for health benefits (COBRA) available under the ARRA. 

Speakers will include Ray Uhalde, Senior Advisor to the Secretary; Mary Ann Wyrsch, Senior Advisor to the Secretary; Byron Zudeima, AARA Implementation Team; and Alina Walker, AARA Implementation Team. 

DATE:      Friday, May 1
TIME:      2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
PLACE:    House Visitors Center – HVC – 215

Please contact Kirsten Duncan with the Education and Labor Committee at 202-225-6558 or for additional information.



Howard P. "Buck" McKeon