House Committee on Education and Labor
U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Howard P. Buck McKeon
Ranking Member

Fiscally responsible reforms for students, workers and retirees.




Education and Labor Committee Republicans are always seeking new opportunities to connect with the students, families, educators, workers, employers, and stakeholders who are impacted everyday by our work here in Congress. The purpose of this multimedia webpage is to take full advantage of the new tools and technologies that are making it easier for all Americans to connect and share their ideas. Here, you'll find information and resources designed specifically to harness the power of the internet, social networking tools, and nontraditional platforms that allow us to connect more directly with those whose lives we impact. Please check back often for exciting new features.


Committee Republicans have established a YouTube channel to house a range of online videos, from speeches in the committee and on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to special messages recorded just for our viewers. The player below includes a sampling of the videos available on our YouTube channel. To see more, please visit


Launched in early 2008, the Education and Labor Committee Republican blog offers an exciting new information source. From the latest Committee updates to a first glimpse at new videos to links and commentary on outside news sources, our member and staff blog offers one-of-a-kind insight into the work of Education and Labor Committee Republicans. To read or subscribe to the blog, click here.


At the close of the 110th Congress, Rep. McKeon and the Republican members of the Education and Labor Committee shared photographs documenting their work throughout the previous two years on education and workforce issues.  Click here for a slide show and a special audio message from the committee's senior Republican member.


Committee Republicans know that in today's era of 24-7 mobile communication, it can sometimes be hard to see the bigger picture. Americans are bombarded with information at every turn. Here at the Education and Labor Committee, we think it's important to focus not just on information quantity, but also on its quality. To that end, Republicans have introduced an E-Newsletter to provide stakeholders with a concise update on key Committee happenings; provide links to exciting new online content; and maintain contact with those who share our commitment to common sense reforms that will allow our schools and workplaces to thrive in the 21st century. The E-Newsletter is published monthly, and offers readers an emphasis on the big picture. To subscribe to the E-Newsletter or to view past issues, please click here.

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The Education and Labor Committee Republican office offers nine unique RSS feeds, from press releases and committee documents to blog updates and events. Select the feed or feeds in which you are interested below to subscribe.